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  • removing templetes

    If I have templetes that I do not need anymore in my SBM program that show up each time I create a new page, how can I delete them from the SBM program and my computer for good? Thanks for the help, you all are wonderful scrappers on here.

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    If its in "Create a new scrapbook", just right click on the template you want to get rid of, you will get 2 options, rename and delete, click 'delete'.
    If its a page you like to delete, just open that page and click the red x (cross), located at the right hand side on the option bar.
    Does it answer your question?

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      How about if its in max directory i have some in there that i will never use and hate going throe them every time i am looking for a page to use.

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        my problem

        I know how to delete pages that I am making etc but what I need to know is how to remove some from the program and my computer completely. I have several that show up when i am looking for a templete to use for a page that I do not need or use and I hate going through all them, I guess my question is how to remove them from the program completely, remove the templete so it no longer is in the program or on my computer. Thanks a bunch.


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          If you want to remove it from your computer completly, go to Program Files / Scrapbook Max/Templates. Click once on the one you want to delete so it is highlighted & press delete.

          This will send it to your recyle bin. When you empty the recycle, it will be gone for ever.


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            I tried that and it worked great. Thank you so much!!