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    I'm just trying out this programme and have been hooked (So as soon as I get my pay, i'll be buying the full version (can't wait!)

    I've not had a long time to play with it yet, but is there a way you can bring an embellishment (element) forward.. so that it looks (For eg. an envelope and paper) like the paper is sticking out of the envelope? (I hope this makes sense to someone!)

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    Embellishments or element

    You can right click on the embellishment or whatever you want brought forward - then go to "arrange" and there you will find the "bring forward" or "sent backward" command or you can click on "edit" then go to "arrange" etc.
    Hope this helps,



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      Jezza, welcome to the forum!

      If you want to show the paper like it is actually coming out of the envelope, then you need a graphics editor that can allow you to erase parts of the image. There is another post here where Corey suggested getting the gimp. It's a free program, and I guess it allows you to do it.

      You must erase part of the image, so that it looks like it's coming out of the envelope. If you don't want to mess with it, post the paper and envelope here and tell me how you want it to look, and I'll do it for you.


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        Hi Granny!
        Thank you for the warm welcome I think i'm going to enjoy myself (and be spending a lot of time here) Thanks for the tips and I will look into doing it with my photo editing software.

        Thanks also Marion for the hints and tips They have been most helpful!


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          I know Granny has already offered, but if you want to send me the elements, I can do that for you as well... Please send them to [email protected]

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