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Why do emb & scrap paper open differently?

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  • Why do emb & scrap paper open differently?

    If I'm trying to make a 2" by 6" strip ...when I open an SB purchased paper (thats automatically downloaded to the embelishment section by SM) and I use striped paper for instance it creates the shape with the stripes condensed and skinny but when I create my same shape with the paper scrap option it opens and plops the stripes the same size as the orig. paper should be, it doesn't condence them, it almost "crops" the paper w/o shrinking please!

    I also have problems like this when I double click to change an already placed ribbon in an already made scrapbook page.
    I have to stretch and play with the ribbon box to make it look like a normal ribbon.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    As far as I know if you bring in a paper as a photo you will get the whole design and you can change the size but not the ratio ...... with scraps they are bought in so the pattern stays the same size but you are able to change the ratio without distorting the pattern.

    For example if you bring in a scrap which is square you can pull the sides until it is a rectangle, yet the pattern will stay constant. If you bring in a paper as a photo you can not change it from a square to a rectangle or visa versa.

    With the ribbon it all depends if its in the template as a paper scrap [with a shape] or as an embellishment. An embellishment works like a photo, you can change the size but not the ratio, a shaped paper scrap you will be able to pull on any side and only that side will move. So it will distort the original shape.

    As Granny always says ... Clear as mud??
    You may want to experiment with the different elements you can bring in and see how they can be resized.
    Sue xx

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