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  • cropping pictures

    Is there a way to crop pictures into circles? I see the special shapes to crop them into, but are you serious that there isn't a plain circle? I find that odd. Or am I missing something?

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    Here's one I downloaded from this site so should be OK to share with you...........
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      If your picture isn't perfectly square to start with, this shape will crop it as more of an oval than a circle.


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        This one will show a pefectly circular image on a 3:4 ratio (conventional ratio) digital photo.

        The downside is that you won't see anything but a circle in the center of the picture...

        Right-click and save as - place JPEG into the directory under the program file - \Gallery\Images\Shapes\Fancy

        (that is, if you went with default installation, you'd put the JPEG in C:\Program Files\Scrapbook Max\Gallery\Images\
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          OK -
          Two more - when your center of interest is on the left, and when your center of interest is on the right.

          EDIT - plus a free optical illusion - note how much wider the black rectangle appears in these 2 versus the original one with the circle in the center....
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            THANK YOU!!!!

            Where can I download the shapes here? Are there more?
            This will be SO helpful, thanks again!!!


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              Originally posted by Kizzie View Post
              THANK YOU!!!!

              Where can I download the shapes here?
              For each one, simply right-click on the thumbnail above and choose "Save picture as" or "Save target as" (or equivalent, if you use an alternate browser), navigate your way to the Max shapes folder, and click SAVE.


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                Oh, I already saved these ones. I was wondering if there are more shapes to buy/download somewhere. Like rounded edges for sqaures?

                Thanks a lot!


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                  Kizzie there are soooo many shapes like these in the embellishments area, do a search for shapes and you'll come up with many!!!
                  Dave... great idea with these circle shapes!!!! very Clever!!!

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                    Yes, missed the boat on that answer - apologies.

                    There used to be collections available for both Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photo-Paint, but I remember them being expensive.

                    Maybe someone can come up with a good Google strategy - searching for "frame" or "mask" is going to bring you millions of useless hits.

                    You can build you own, because they're just black-and-white or grayscale pictures. Even using the Paint accessory program that comes with Windows, there is not much to them.

                    (It isn't the friendliest tool - for the attached, I had to redraw the rounded-rectangle about a dozen times to get it anywhere near the center, because you can't drag a new object around, only undo them. I finally measured where to start by using the position of the letters in the menu bar! And you can't change the radius of the rounded corners.}

                    The pic itself? Select a 4 x 6 page [File > Page Setup, choose landscape, hit OK].

                    Use the Fill tool with black as the foreground color to fill the page with black.

                    Select white as the foreground color and pick the Rounded Rectangle tool. Click on the filled rounded rectangle in the sub-menu that opens below the tools.

                    Then, on the page, Shift-Click and hold both Shift and the mouse button while you draw the white rounded-square. You start at the upper right and draw down and to the right. Let the mouse button go, and there you are... after the 12th try...
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                      I should add that this is tons easier in Real-Draw, the program that Granny uses on her site - and it's much easier to make gray-scale ones with fancy shapes -- even shapes that fade in or out on the edges.

                      That's because you can move and change both the black and the white objects (and gray ones as well) easily.

                      To be fair, any good bitmap (paint) program should be easier than Microsoft Paint.


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                        One thing you can do if you have a 4x6 photo is crop it to a square via the effects menu - this way you choose the area you want in the picture. Then use the shape from post 2 and you should get a circle, not an oval.
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                          I agree with Muma, cropped to a square then use the circle shape. So you only need one circle shaper

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                            I have a whole set that i downloaded here that were free . but you stell need a squair to start.
                            I got the Julie,s 40 coustom shapes its a grate set for all others like round corners, has just everything.

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