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    I enjoyed doing this one so much.. I think it's because of the "trompe L'Oeil" effect of the heart pin .. which really looks 3D and really looks like it's going through the paper..and I love the stitching effect. I put it in the public gallery too and it is much bigger there so you can see the stitch holes and the needle much better
    I wish I could find more realistic 3D effects like this. I can't share this one sorry because I bought it ( stitches and embellishments) and it's copyrighted and not for sharing but you can check out the site where I got it.they had some truly lovely stuff.
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    Very nice. And wow that pin is really cool.
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      Lovely Moonbeam. Thanks so much for sharing.


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        Beautiful! Yes, it's a lot of fun to do that dissapearing act. I got something coming up with that kind of stuff, but in the meanwhile, if anyone has something like that they need, e-mail me the file and tell me how you want it. I'll do what I can with it. Unless of course you have PSP or PS, then you can do it in those programs. But the offer stands regarless.

        You can e-mail it to:

        grannyestee at

        Notice that I did not put the e-mail address in the regular format. That is to keep robots from getting it an spamming me to death. So please, use judiciously. Thank you.


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