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  • Photoshop and Brushes

    Hi Everyone!

    I haven't posted one question to date that hasn't been answered perfectly, so I have one more (for right now, at least), but this one is a toughy:

    I purchased some "brushes" on-line from 2 Peas in a Bucket not realizing that's what they were. I only have Photoshop 5.5. Does anyone know if I can use these brushes with that program? And if so, how? When I open a brush in any other program, it comes up as a black square that I can't remove. When I bring a brush up in 5.5 and try to remove the black square, it freezes the program and I have to exit.

    Thanks loads!

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    Clueless, sorry Marti! Hope some one else will come to your rescue.


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      Hi Marti, I am not sure if you can use the brushes in photoshop 5.5 but when you are using a brush, see if there is an arrow(in mine~ its blue) then, at the bottom it says load that on, then wherever you put the brushes , go there and load them, they should appear with your other brushes, dont save them there either, the more stuff you save in there the slower it gets!

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        Brushes on Photoshop 5.5

        Thanks, everyone! It appears that Photoshop 5.5 has some ability to create brushes, and to load them too, but I don't see a blue arrow anywhere and am still unable to remove the black box around the brush images I purchased. Maybe I'll write to the designer again (I did once, but got no answer) at 2 Peas and see if I'm truly out of luck. If so, at least I only spent $8 - it won't break the bank!

        Oh, and interestingly, in 5.5 I can create a brush image, but haven't figured out how to make it narrow in some places and wider in others. Without that ability, the brush doesn't look very professional.


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          The probelm with brushes. Some are made for other photo shopes. What might work in a 3 may not work in the 4. I have seen some for the 7 but would not work in the 3 that I had. So you may be out of luck.
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            Yep, I think you're right. Well, I certainly learned something and the info you shared was good for me to know. Thanks a lot!