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Publishing to PDF - It changes the size?

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  • Publishing to PDF - It changes the size?

    In the page settings I have changed the Resolution to 300dpi (at my printers request). I have the page size as 12 x 12 inch.

    When I publish to PDF & go into the PDF, the document properties (& my printer) is saying the size is a massive 37.49 x 37.49 inch.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get it to publish at the same size as in Scrapbook Max.

    In Scrapbook Max, I use the options Highest Image Quality & Full Size. I have tested the other options but they dont give a 12 x 12 size either.

    Its got me stumped!

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    Something in your PDF to print chain is thinking you want a 96 dpi (screen) image. If you resample a ~37 by ~37 96 dpi image to 300 dpi, you get 12 x 12 inches.

    In other words, your PDF is the right resolution for printing 300 dpi, which is what you want for a printout that meets or beats the visual quality of good, commercial color printing.

    When you go to print the PDF, on the print dialog, make sure that Page Scaling has "fit to printer margins" or "reduce to printer margins" is selected. That's if you're using Adobe Acrobat Reader for printing. Other PDF programs will have different names for similar things -- e.g., "fit to page."

    Still, it's puzzling. "Highest quality" should be at least 300 DPI, and "Full size" should be your option for page size - 12 in. here.

    I don't have SBM in front of me right now, but check to see if there's a way to designate either the dots per inch, DPI, or target output (e.g., screen or printer).


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        In SBM I can change the page setting size (the width & height) to either inches, centimetres or pixels.

        Do you mean change that to pixels? Any idea what numbers to put in there to keep it 300dpi?


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          Originally posted by Rochelle View Post
          In SBM I can change the page setting size (the width & height) to either inches, centimetres or pixels.

          Do you mean change that to pixels? Any idea what numbers to put in there to keep it 300dpi?
          Oops - my bad - probably should have kept quiet, because I've never actually printed with SBM, only worked on screen (at 96 pixels per inch / ppi).

          Short answer: I don't know whether to switch to pixel settings. The SBM folks should know.

          However, it sounds as though you are already at 300 dpi. You've double-checked that Adobe Acrobat Reader's print dialog says "reduce to printer margins"?

          For your second question, simply multiply inches X dpi, or in this case 12 X 300 = 3600.

          Disclaimer: I *think* this the case with SBM, if it follows most graphics programs. Technically, there can be a difference between 300 ppi and 300 dpi, but most programs don't make that distinction.


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            Ohk thanks. I'm getting them printed them professionally & they need the document size to be 12 x 12.

            I'll contact the SBM people about it.

            I tried reinstalling Acrobat Reader but that didnt fix the problem.

            Thanks for your time.


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              Can somebody let me know how to contact the tech people at Scrapbook Max as I am still having this issue.

              I have sent them 2 emails through the Contact Us page but havent got a reply.

              I'm starting to get a little peeved that I cant print my layouts.



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                I've responded to both of your emails -- please make sure our messages are not being blocked by a spam filter.

                As to your question, as it's been mentioned, the size you have is 12"x12" @ 300dpi, except that you're seeing it at 96dpi (ergo the larger physical size).

                I have confirmed that outputted PDF's from Scrapbook MAX! do not store the correct page size (i've opened a bug report for the developers to look into), however as mentioned above, this should not matter for what you're doing -- all your printer has to do is 'shrink' the file to the page size (ie 12" x 12"). Any professional printer should be able to do this.

                Your other option is to use File > Publish To > Images, and submit JPEG images to your printer. That's personally what I'd do.

                Bug report #: Ref 16396

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                  Thank you.


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                    Correct PDF Page Size?

                    Any notes on when this is supposed to be fixed? This bug appears to have been posted 5 months ago...

                    This bug prevents easy publishing of books at places like, which won't accept PDF's that are not the same page size as the selected book size...