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  • Installation Confusion

    Hi everyone.

    My name is Mary and I just purchased the scrapbook max bundle. I just can't seem to find the wedding content though.

    That is the one I needed. What am I doing wrong?
    I downloaded from the email link sent to me.

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    Hi Mary, Lovely to meet you. I think you will hav to wait for Desmond or one of the modrators. They will read this and respond.
    I knew of the wedding software but didn'tknow there was a bundle. I know the greater majority of the content will be on the cd's but it I would have thought you should get some wedding content. Of course someone may have purchased the two together so may know the secret. Hope you get your answer soon
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      Yep Desmond is the man for this one.He will get to you.Welcome here.
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        I still can't find the wedding layouts. I am sure I am doing something wrong. But I will wait for someone to help me.

        Thanks for the well wishes


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          Hi Mary!

          Have you received your CD-ROMs yet? The content for both Scrapbook MAX! Classic Edition and Scrapbook MAX! Wedding Edition are found on the CD-ROMs which you will receive in the mail - i.e., you cannot download the wedding content as it is too huge for downloading.

          To clarify - each CD contains two items to install: 1) Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software, and 2) a content pack (wedding or classic content - where templates, backgrounds, elements, papers are found). You need to install both the software and the content. (Although, if you bought the bundle, note that you only need to install the software one time).

          Hope this makes sense, let us know if you have any more questions!



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            still lost

            I recieved both CD-Roms.
            I did recieve the CD bundle. But there is a problem there is no wedding content on the wedding CD. All the CD does is reinstall the original. When i try to install content it installs but when I try to use the program the content is not there. There are only 60 templates to choose from.Can that be?
            Karin I appreciate your kindness.


            Also, If i try to install the wedding software it installs over the original.
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              Hi Mary,

              Did you get my Private Message about installing the Wedding Content? Let me know...

              Also, regarding content, the Classic Edition comes with 30templates (at least 4 pages each), 20+ kits (thousands of elements), papers, backgrounds and shapes. Click here to view everything that is included

              The Wedding Edition comes with 30 templates (5 pages each = 150 template pages), 20+ kits, papers, backgrounds, and shapes. Click here to view everything that is included.

              Both content packs will install right into Scrapbook MAX!.

              A further note on content: we're proud to offer thousands of pieces of professionally-designed content with each edition of Scrapbook MAX!; but don't forget, you can expand your Scrapbook MAX! digital stash with delicious freebies made by our generous forum members (new stuff virtually every day!), as well as the abundance of free content available on the internet - SBM is compatible with virtually any image format, so go wild!

              We also have a super-cool Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store where our talented team of designers make some of the most gorgeous digital kits around!

              Hope that you've had some further success with your installation...can't wait to see some of your work!