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  • winzip templates?

    Hi everyone:

    I'm using the trial version of SBM, trying to decide if I want to buy. I can download the templates from the SBM website with no problem. I can also download embellishments from other websites into SBM with no problem, as a photo.

    However, when I try to download a customizable template in winzip format from another website, I can't make SBM recognize it. I've tried using 'open' and also 'save'. I know where I save it and can find it. I've unzipped it. When I go to SBM and do 'import template,' it tells me 'This is not a valid Scrapbook MAX! template or gallery file.' I'm really frustrated, because I like SBM's ease of use, but there are some wonderful templates on the internet that I would like to use in SBM. I can open these files with my Photoshop Elements, but SBM is so much easier to use...

    I am able to open each of the individual elements used to make the page, as a photo, but I would have to re-construct the page using those elements.

    I really want to download the template as customizable, not as a photo, because I usually want to make a few changes.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Hell PatH,

    The 'Import Template' feature that you speak of is intended to import templates that were created specifically for Scrapbook MAX!, both by our staff, and by community members such as yourself. (The file extension of a Scrapbook MAX! template is SMT.) Unfortunately it will not work with other, 'non Scrapbook MAX!' templates at this time.

    With that being said, you can certainly use any standard image format within Scrapbook MAX!, including (but not limited to) JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files. You will have to add the individual elements one-at-a-time to your scrapbook from the templates that you speak of, but with Scrapbook MAX!'s easy-to-use interface, it shouldn't take you too long to create a perfect layout.

    If you'd like, I could take a peak at the template in question, and make some suggestions as to the easiest way to add it to Scrapbook MAX!. If possible, please post it here as an attachment. If that is not possible, you can always email it to support[at]scrapbookmax[dot]com.



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      It can be done! I think

      I am having the same problem but I have found that it is very possible to download from most digital scrapbook sites and I think I save them to my desktop then unzip them then add the .smt instead of jpg of whatever at the end and then cut and paste it in. I have no idea how I got half of them in the "theme" folder but the ones that were unruly I managed to get into my add paper folder and created a new folder for all of them. bottom line when you bring them up it is a template with all the moveable parts. not just an unworkable flat picture. When I get the system down pat I'll give you the absolute instructions. I know that you have to unzip them and you cant just add them it will say unsupported format or something esle. you do have to have your scrapbook open and click on add paper then click on browes to bring up the folder list. then copy from documents directly into that already open folder. If anybody has a better faster or in anyway more efficient way please let me know. I have 30 dollars of templates and embellishments at a digistore to download but i dont want to have to chase them all over my pc or lose them


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        All of your Scrapbook MAX! embellishments are located here (Assuming you installed to the default location):
        C:\Program Files\Scrapbook MAX!\Gallery\Images

        You could copy all of your 'non Scrapbook MAX!' template images into any of these folders, and have them easily accessible from Scrapbook MAX!.

        For example, take a peak inside the Embellishments folder. Notice that there are a bunch more folders there. Also notice that these folders are the same as the categories inside the Embellishment object (inside Scrapbook MAX!). If you want to create a new embellishment category inside Scrapbook MAX!, just make a new folder here.

        The same goes for Paper Scraps, etc.

        As for renaming .jpg files to .smt files (i think I read that right), it would be better if you didn't do that. .SMT files are just .ZIP files that contain a complete Scrapbook MAX! project (though most of the time without Photos). When you open a .SMT file, Scrapbook MAX! is really just opening a Scrapbook MAX! project, along with a bunch of content.

        Does that make sense?