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Psst!! To all that use my designs...

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  • Psst!! To all that use my designs...

    Hi everyone...
    I have been under the weather for awhile, but day by day getting better...and I'm still trying to keep up with the store and offering my't ask how I'm doing it all, cause I don't even know...<wink>
    But I have seen alot of pages made using my freebies and QP's and I can't say thank you enough...As a designer, you get so caught up in creating sometimes, that I don't take the time to look around at others LO's....and it means the world to me that people out there are using my stiff I wanted to spread my thanks...
    Also wanted to let you all know that I would love to display your pages on my blog...So if you like the thought of it, please let me know and I will add them...ok? I also run contests each month and winner gets a free kit of mine from the store...It's my way of saying thank you for using my stuff... Sincerely, Michelle God bless you all...
    I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!

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    Thank you

    It is us who need to be saying thank you to you for all your designs and time you spend making them, but allso thank you for the time you chat with us and being a scrapbook friend.
    Rest and my thoughts are with you get better soon
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    Wolvsie, Eye, Tiffany scraps and Smile are my buddies.:cool


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      Awww Michelle that is sweet. But I agree-it is us who need to thank you. You are the sharing creator and we love your stuff. I'm sorry that you have been feeling under the weather. Hope that you are better real soon. Take care GF and get healthy!!

      My Buddies are Marion, Kimbob, Jazziel (RIP), Wolvsie35, Crops2dawn, Makeyesup, Kazr, Moonfairy, Moonlightpearl, and scrappyaggie48


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        Without a doubt wolvsie , thank u. We are so lucky to have such generosity thatwould cost a lot to buy. Hope you feel better soon, you take care of yourself.
        My BUDDIES Crops, Eye, Jazz, Smile, Sue, Rosana,twpclerk, Moonlightpearl and Vanessa


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          I am so lucky to have met you and to have you as my friend. I luv all your stuff. I will get back to you about that blog stuff. I was waiting for you to get a little better.
          My Buddies -- Sue, Smiles, Jazzereal, Eng, Crops, Terry & Wolvsie35 , Onie, Marion, Jenna's Mommy, All My Memories, Winnie49, Tiffanys Scraps, Grannywin,emst


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            I am in agreement with everyone else. Love your stuff, and am grateful for all you give us. Just hope you get better soon. When I use your stuff, you are more than welcome to do anything with it.


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              Thanks guys....U R all so very sweet...and I love to create and share....It's an awesome feeling and it makes great healing power...Just wanted to share that with everyone...
              I am feeling myself again, minus the slow motion feeling I get once in awhile...hehehehe...But I'm getting back in the swing of things...Besides, I have to help support the DDA meeting...hahahaha....
              I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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                get better

                OK Girl! You get better! Sorry to hear that you are unwell. Michelle, Thank you so much for opening the door to me as I am new here to SBM. Thank you so much for all of your lovely stuff! You are so Creative, that's with a capital C.

                Prayers for you and REALLY BIG Hugs!!

                aka Crystal Jozlin- CJozzy- Crystal's Creations


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                  Thanks Crystal and everyone else...I am sounding like a broken it is hard to give out my appreciation thru a thread...I love to keep people happy...I swear it was my duty on this planet, cause I have done it all my life..Aim to please is who I am... It means a whole lot more when I read the comments you all leave...It's just a good feeling..So I send lots of love to you all...

                  I am feeling better and back to my 'ol self again...You are all in my thoughts everyday...Stay sweet..
                  I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!