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Please help a newbie with shape masks

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  • Please help a newbie with shape masks

    Hi there... I'm new to this site. I started scrapbooking when my oldest daughter was born 5 years ago, but found it was too messy. I started using picaboo about 2 years ago, but found it wasn't detailed enough. I'm really hoping that this program will be a great combination of the two, I've been looking for something like this for a long time!

    My question is about masks. I'm not getting it... How do I "apply" the mask to my image. I'm just trying to get a circle shape into some of my pages, it seems like it should be easy. I downloaded some of the masks available from this site into my Max! program, but now I don't know how to apply the shape to my paper... I searched this site to see if I could find the answer, I'm sure it's here somewhere... All the posts just say to "apply" them. What does that mean? How do I do that, step by step? Thanks.

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    welcome to the addictive world of scrapbook max

    ok to use a mask/shape

    open a paper scrap > stretch roughly to the size you want > right click on the paper scrap > tick check custom shape > change shape > find the mask/shape you wish to use > ok > click shadow if you want > ok > stretch to fit the area you want it in

    hope that helps

    fiona xx

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      If you downloaded some masks from this thread area, where did you put them. They need to go in the shape folder.

      Shapes also has a few subfolders, but that is just an organizational tool. Also, If you want a true circle with a shape, you need to start with a square paper size or photo. You can also crop a photo to square size in the program.

      Glad to see you converted to digital and left the paste on the shelf. I think you will enjoy digital. Looking forward to seeing your first upload.


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        You will love digital and get the hang of it soon. bet your circle downloaded to the wrong file. look in c and move it to shape.
        Welcome to sbn

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