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    I made a LO & entered "saved as" with a name.. It starts saving everything in my project folder not just the one saved. So I have duplicates & triplicates of all my LO's visually in SBM. I pulled up my actual Scrapbook Max Projects folder & they are there only once. I then try to save as a template & it starts saving ALL my templates... Has anyone ever seen this. I tried deleting one of the projects on a LO that had a triplicate & it deleted all of 3 of them.. HELP


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    I have never heard of that. Sorry I wish I could help you-but don't despair someone with more knowledge than me will be here to help. This is summer and people are so busy it sometimes takes a little longer to get back to you. But they will help you honest!!

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      I have some of them in there double for some reason that I was never able to figure out, but not triple so far.


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        I have never had it save more than 1 but i always just hit save not save as. or publish to. but if that happens with save as I'm glad i have not used it.

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          Strange, I always make my layouts in a single page project. After I print and save as a .jpg (in whatever folder is appropriate), then I go to my group projects and import that specific page to the appropriate project. Never get duplicates.
          Then go back to the single page project, select all and delete and the project is ready for my next layout.
          This is a few extra steps; however it works faster than doing the work of the current page in my multiple page projects.

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            A new look today

            I thought maybe I would come back today & figure it out. It happened to be connected with one layout & I recreated it and the new one is fine. I only do one page LO's so it doesn't make sense. I now have multiple & triplicate LO's that if I delete one I delete all of them.. Still not sure what happened..