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  • Newbie - printing help

    Hi, I'm a newbie to Scrapbook Max and I have the Free trial program. I was going to order some prints to make sure I liked the quality, etc and all of my pages say that I can only get them printed up to 8X10 - why is that?? I really want this program, but if I can't print the pages off in 12X12, then I'm not sure it'd be worth it....

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    When i printed my first page it was 12x12 but had trial version on it. the pages are high quality pages and look grate. its a very good buy.You wont find another program that compares to it. and i have tried them all.
    You do need to set it for 12x12 and your printer also.

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      I usually use 8 x 8 for my layout but noticed the last time I sent something to the printer I needed to increase the resolution. 12 x 12 can be printed with Scrapbook Max but you need to save the published jpgs at the HIGHEST resolution possible.


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        Thanks gals!! It gives me the option of 12X12 but it has the red triangle next to it and says it's best printed up to 8X10 or something. I guess I better learn how to save them at the highest resolution.....