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  • Can anyone help me?

    I am doing our annual report at work as a scrap book and sent some pages to the printer to see if he could produce our report from the pages. This is what he sent back to me.....

    .....As long as you can supply a hi-res of each page - I have looked at the jpeg supplied, which is 5cm x 6cm and is 300dpi. I am assuming you have made the file small to email me a sample.

    You need to set your page as A4 + bleed, if possible - ie. 301mm x 214mm (That is A4 297x210mm + 2mm bleed all edges). Each page will need to be 300dpi. This will cause
    the files to be huge. Maybe do a test page. When you are done, you will need to burn all your pages to CD. I will give you a proof. It should be OK. What you have sent me, I can open in photoshop.......

    Can anyone tell me if this is possible to do. I am not really sure what a 2mm bleed is and if I can do it. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

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    to change the size of your page open it in scrapbook max and resize the page to 20 x24 cm's - the programme will automatically resize the objects on the page but you may have to reprosition them slightly & set the dpi to 300

    to do this go into page settings which in the 3rd button in on the right in the menu bar (looks like a piece of paper with a picture on it) and click on size

    the bleed is the Printed area which extends off the trimmed area.
    It is not possible to print all the way to the edge of the paper sheet. To achieve this effect it is necessary to print a larger area than is required and then trim the paper down. Typically a designer would allow an extra 3mm of bleed to colour and image areas to allow for a little leeway when trimming.

    so for this leave a white area around your image area of as he asked 2mm (i usually leave 5 mm myself)

    hope that helps

    fiona x

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      EDIT: Angelwithin beat me to it... so here it is in repetition...

      Bleed I can help you with -- whether SBM can output at the necessary resolution is best answered by someone from SBM.

      Bleed can be thought of as image over-sizing. It's done to make sure that a given page is printed clear to the edge, if the design calls for that.

      Unlike printing single sheets in the finished size as is common for computer printers, commercial printing is done on sheets of paper very much larger than a single page. Single pages are then cut from the printing sheet to make the finished size.

      Rather than printing a photo or background pattern or color up to (or very close) to the edge of a small sheet, commercial printing requires that the photo or background be printed a bit wider and taller than the final sheet -- the bleed. This ensures that after the paper is cut, the printing covers the edges (since the image is printed to the edge and beyond).

      It's a testimony to today's printing equipment that the bleed need only be 2mm. Back in the bad old days, 7-13 mm (1/4 - 1/2") was the norm.


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        You guys are wonderful.

        Thank you so much. It is not the program that is great (although it is, it is so easy to use and such fun), but the back up support that goes with it. I will give you all a link to our annual Report when it is finished and you can have a look.

        Once again thanks