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    Is there a way to add your own backgrounds to the backgrounds that already come preloaded with the program. Im also not sure how I add backgrounds to my layout in elements?

    Thanks Debbie

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    Hi Debbie- wow, OK I use PSE 5 and to add a background over a background you would have to add it in a new layer- change your blending option on the new layer to "blend in with the original one"- then you can merge the two together when you are happy with it- sounds complicated-LOL, But all of these questions are answered at Scrap your Art out- ( Tuts are for PSE)- how to make background paper with overlays etc. You can use these basics to add them to your elements too- but that sounds like a good tut for next week
    Check it out here.

    check on the "postings" on the right hand side of the blog- and click on the one you would like to read.
    Hope this helps-

    Forever in my heart - Jazzy