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  • Looking for "iron cross"

    Hello all,

    I'm doing a page for my hubby and brother...the day they got their goatees dyed. It's so funny, they're both big bald, tatto'd men that are the biggest softies ever! Anyway...I'd like to title my page IT'S ALL FOR FASHION and I'd like to put the writing inside an iron cross, the type that West Coast Choppers uses, it's hollow in the middle.
    Does anyone know where I can find a clip-art/emblem/etc.
    of one?

    Thank you so much

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    Mamabear, I made these a while ago for some pages I want to make for my is a buckle and the rest are just emblems...Hope you can use these...<wink>

    After posting this I realized these are for orange county choppers...Sorry...EEK
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      Your safe, I just did a search and they are real close...So maybe you can use them....<wink>
      I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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        It's like seeing youngsters with piercings everywhere making people wary of them and then seeing on the news that they have won an award for bravery.
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          Yes, it's exactly like that. I've been with my hubby since he was a nerdy 21 year old computer programer. I just can't comprehend it when people have said things like "I'd hate to meet your husband in a dark alley". Just because of the style he's chosen, shaved head (just because he's balding, hee hee) earings, goatee, & tatoo's (with his childrens names decoratively scrolled) To everyone who knows him he's a quiet big teddy-bear. Guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover.

          Wolvsie-THANK YOU! your iron crosses are exactly what I was looking for -hugs-


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            That is so true about judging people without even knowing them! Unfortunately that is how society is-who decides how a person should look anyways?? So many wonderful people out there don't even get a chance to show how big of a heart they have because they are prejudged!

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