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    How long does it normally take to hear back whether or not you have been accepted as a designer. I applied several weeks ago and haven't heard anything. Do they send you a note and tell you if you are not accepted? I don't want to resubmit my designer application and be a pest, but what if they didn't get it? What if they don't like my work and are afraid to tell me? What if I stop making new embellishments and my head explodes?

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    Hey Squeak, I am sure someone will answer ya soon, I also think they (whoever does that) should let ya know one way or another. But dont stop, and please dont let your head explode, what a mess that would be clean up! LOL

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      Well, if my head does explode I will try to get some cool pictures so I can scrap them later! Here's my brain, here's my brain on the layout. HeHe.


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        We have 9 designers in our queue -- I can confirm your application was received august 15, 2007.

        We are quite discerning in the designers that we approve for our store, but we never just reject an application without notice -- you'll hear from us either way.

        I will get through these applications this week, or early next week.

        Thanks for your patience!



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          Thanks Desmond.

          I was just sitting here thinking what embellishments I should create for my exploding head. So you saved everyone from that layout!


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            I guess that is I am a Free Designer .No hassle but lots of joy
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              When we first started I think most of us designed and gave away our stuff. They didn't even have a store. But now I am saving to upgrade my hardware. I would love a tablet to draw with! So every little bit helps.


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                Hope you are accepted Squeak, it must be awful waiting fora response.
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                  The longer it takes the more I worry that they are having difficulty deciding on my 'designer' qualities.


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                    Squeak Good Luck and hopefully you will receive the answer you are hoping for. I envy all the peeps that can design. You all have such a neat talent.

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