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  • opening speaking of rosie

    I had bought one set just to see if it would be easy to use before buying all of them but it seems it are winrar zip files. How do I open them and insert them in the program.

    It may seem a stupid question but I really have no idea.

    thanks mieke

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    You can use this free program to unzip them.

    It will unzip regular zipfiles and .rar files. Then you can use the png's by drag and dropping them into your SBM pages or if they are in template form, you just double click on them and they will install into SBM automatically.

    Let me know if this helps.


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      Thanks for that Marion
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        Aha thanks for the info girls. Going to check and try that out immidiatly


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          There are 2 places you can buy them from .... SBM store actually has the SBM and SMT files. IIRE has them in jpg and png form.
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            Still having problems with speaking of rosie. I bought them of scrapbookmax and after unzipping them I found that it are jpg and png files. But if I want to import these files I get an Import error . So maybe someone can explain what I am doing wrong and how I can solve them. As you see I am a real dummy when it comes to the computer or scrapbookmax