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  • Color Picker Recommendation

    I think I saw a color picker recommendation buried in the how-to file of something but I just wanted to share my FAVE picker with you because it will grab a color from ANYWHERE. So if you see a color scheme on a color wheel or color scheme web site, you can "eyedropper" and then use the RGB value to assign an exact color for text, captions, paper fills or whatever else. It sits on top of all open applications so it works really nicely with SBM.

    It's called COLOR COP and you can get it free here:

    Watch the animation to see what it does!
    Christine Smith
    Digital Designer
    my designs: now available in the SBM! Store

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    Love the color picker! My other programs have it so I just use them, when I need to get the exact color I need!
    SBM getting a color picker... that'll be really NICE!

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      Thanks for the info!


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        Love it! Thanks for the info.

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          Thanks for the info - I just downloaded it!


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            I have another program that lets me pick the color i need but I don't like it as much as sbm because it wont let me use kits from other places but I can make a back ground there and save it so I can use it in max but yes I'm still hoping max will get one that would be the bast thing .

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              Thanks Christine.... I've now downloaded this and will give it a go... Can't hurt now ~ can it.