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  • Hi

    Hope everyone is well....

    Am asking advice on what programmes i need to buy for my PC so i can start designing my own wallpapers, embellishments and everything else...

    Hope someone can point me in the right direction as i would really like to start designing...


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    Hi Babydoll, there are lots of programs you can use. I use photoshop Elements, but it is a lttle time consuming to learn. Granny has a great program that comes with great and easy tutorials. This is her site: You can also download freeprograms. One of them is called Gimp.

    I am sure others will be along and offer other choices. Welcome to SBM!


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      I design in Adobe Photoshop CS2 but Photoshop Elements is a SUPER starting place (and I also started with it). There are a bajillion resources for this program including tutorials, layer styles and actions.
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        I use photoshop CS2 and I love it...It's the ultimate photshop program...and many freebies out there to add to it as well...
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          i use paint shop pro 9 ....i love it as its just so very versitile and you can do so much with it, also the internet is absolutely full of add in goodies and tutorials for it

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            Another Photoshop Elements user here. Plus, it's got a great organizer to help keep track of your stuff!
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              Photoshop Elements here too! I Love it!!! Not only can you make things with it, you can fix and change your photos as well. Which is a big thing for me, I tend to take 100 pictures and only get maybe 5 good ones. LOL I did start off with the GIMP, it did its job, until I could afford a better program. Its not a bad program, but it doesnt work to well fixing photos the way I would like it too. Thats my 2 cents!

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                I've just started to make a few things. I'm learning Real Draw at Granny's website. Her tutorials are wonderful and the learning is quick and easy. It's if you're interested. You get the program when you join.


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                  Am with MaggieMae, I have Photoshop and Photoshop Elements but Granny's site you get the package. If you are a computer wizz though it is a matter of choice. I am sure there are trials of them all.
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