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Saving on computer space?

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  • Saving on computer space?

    I'm new to digital scrapbooking and have just begun to use Scrapbook Max. I've also been downloading freebies off of some sites on the Internet. The problem is that the software is taking up quite a bit of space on my hard drive. Is there a way to operate Scrapbook Max from the CD while preserving my downloads and saved scrapbook?

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    graphics take up a lot of memory space, most scrappers end up either buying an external drive (i have two now ) or placing all the kits onto cd's

    hope that helps

    fiona xx

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      Ditto here, I have done both...Bought an external drive and placed alot of freebies on to the scrappin' world..<wink>
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        I actually already have an external hard drive because I'm so paranoid about losing everything.

        Do you store the entire scrapbook on the external drive or just the add-ons? And when you want to use them, how do you bring them up on Scrapbook Max? Click on the icon for the external hard drive? Is there a way to import add-ons that you don't want to save to the hard drive?

        Thanks for your help!


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          External hrd drive.....highly recommend
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            If I remember from what I have read on other threads about this, you have to have the scrapbook max program loaded on to your hard drive, it can't run from the CD or the external HD.

            Someone will come and correct me if I'm wrong but think thats how it works.

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