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  • Question for Corey

    Hi Corey,

    I watched your tutorial about creating your own embellishments - very helpful!
    But I have another question (and if this has already been answered, can you direct me to the thread?)

    I'm noticing that lots of members are now creating and sharing their own embellishments as sbm files. When I download sbm files, however, I cannot view them in my gallery (because they are not png files). Is there a way to change them, or am I simply missing something/doing something wrong?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    Those .sbm files are packaged embellishments. The actual embellishments are on the inside.

    The secret: just double-click on 'em.

    When you double-click a .smb file, the embellishments inside it will get installed into the Scrapbook MAX gallery - automatically.
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    Lorne ( )
    Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer


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      Hi Lorne,
      Ya, I tried that, and a box came up saying that a certain number of files had been extracted or whatever, but I still can't find those files. ????? This happened with both the jeweled teardrops and the love words that members have recently posted. ????


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        Hello Marnie!

        I just added the Jeweled Teardrops to my system, and saw them in Scrapbook MAX! (See the attached file).

        The actual files were located here:
        C:\Program Files\Scrapbook MAX!\Gallery\Images\Embellishments\Squeaks_Element s

        If you visit that folder on your system, are the files there? Can you see them in Scrapbook MAX!?

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          Got them!

          Hey Desmond,
          Thanks so much! My husband helped me figure this out....just came on the forums to tell Lorne that I was "all good" only to find that you've answered my question just as my husband had showed me. I just didn't expect the embellishments to come up as separate folders and kept looking right past them!!!!
          Feeling like a little bit of a dumb blond right now.
          Thanks again for all your (and Lorne's) help!