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  • Can I borrow your Brains

    I have an album I created with 14 pages .There are 7 pages of that Album that I want to send to someone on a CD and to print also.. Is there an easy way to divide it into 2 separate Albums or to just copy selected pages of that album to CD? I'd love to hear how to do it if there is a simple way...
    At the moment the only way I can work out how to do it is to Copy each page then open a new blank page/album and paste it and repeat that over and over going back and forth........

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    Easiest way would be to...

    delete the seven unwanted pages and resave with a different name. Or, if you want to be super careful not to experience an "Oops!" moment, you can first save the original album (all 14 pages) with a different name and then delete the unneeded pages. How about them apples!

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      I had thought of the way you first said but was scared of an OOPS! moment so wasn't game but I will do it the second way..I never thought of that...So thank you ..sounds so simple.. I knew there would be a brain out there who could come up with a solution.Thank you


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        Can I borrow your Brains

        That is how I am doing it also. Just rename the album by putting a number behind it or "short version" or whatever you want. Works great for me!



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          I was standing behind the door when they passed out the brains, so I can't help you, but I'm glad you asked, because I had the same question, and yes, isn't it funny how simple an answer can be.

          Thank you to all three of you ladies.


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            True Granny,
            I do that action all the time with documents but it never occured to me to use the same priciple with scrapbook Max. ...DER!!!


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              Another option

              I don't know if this is any easier than what you all have already suggested, but the other thing I sometimes do is save my project as a template (make sure you publish the template WITH pictures in this case), then I can reuse the pages I want later.
              Just another option I guess.


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                Another good suggestion .thanks