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  • HELP please

    I have a template I got it on the forum an one old army 1, for some reason it wont let me save my changes. It goes into saved scrapbook pages but when u look at it theres no pictures in it, yet if i open it the page has all the pictures on it.Will this print out ok. When ever i exit out it does not ask if i wanna save my changes.

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    Try doing a "save as" and give it a different name. Then open that one. Hopefully, that will work for you.


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      I just tried to save and rename it, and it still wont show up with any pictures on it in my scrapbook but if i click and open it the pictures are on it, everytime i exit out it does not give me the option to save my changes to it. This is the only 1 that wont let me save any changes to it.


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        Have you tried to publish to images and verify what you get? This is what you would get if you printed.


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          I just tried that, and my c;/mary comes up not the name of the scrapbook page


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            I just tried it again and this time it does show the name, plus it gave the chance to save my changes, thank you VERY much you're a life saver