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  • Help!! with page size

    I order a kit from sm and i checked each page size as i began and they said 8x8, i burned them on cd took it to kinkos, and the girl said that each page is a 5x3.5 what happen why didn't they come up as 8x8?

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    Please can you specify which kit you brought and who the designer was and then maybe we can answer you question. Perhaps it's not listed correctly in the store in which case we would need to know so it can be corrected. Hope we can work things out for you.

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      Hi, The name of the kit was Bouquet sage biege pink by Deanne Growsmith, I was alittle disapointed I ended up only using 4 of the 5 pages on 1 page there was no double click for a picture and then i take the other 4 to kinkos and they were all 5 by 5.3.Thank you in advance for your time and help.


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        That is odd because even on pages that i tell max to make 8x8 it does. i ask it to resize a 8x10 and it did. is max set to 8x8 maybe it resized it.

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          It was set for 8x8. I have no clue what happen, the girl at kinkos had to resize all of them to 8x8.