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  • Corey ?

    First thank you for the great video on creating elements. I like that extraction filter. I don't think I have it on psp X but my son has photoshop cs2 so I can give it a try on his.

    My question is what is the difference between png 24 and just png? I don't have the png 24 option in psp.

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    Hi, there's a few different kinds of PNGS. The basic idea is that PNG 24 is the only one which offers "full alpha transparency". So basically it's the one which gives you the really nice transparent areas. PNG8 gives you transparency also but a cruder form than PNG24.

    So if you are doing something with no transparency you can use any type of PNG but if you are saving an image which has transparent areas in it use PNG24.

    As to how to export transparent PNGs from PSP, I'm not 100% certain because I'm on Photoshop but I think there was a post around here on that, and there are several PSP users in here you could ask also. You could always start a new thread called, "How do I export transparent PNGs from PSP?" and I'm certain you'll get some friendly advice from our fine usptanding members.
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      Hi Nataliejo.....

      Just go to File, Export, and down to PNG Optimizer. That should do it. If you make the embellishment in PSP, make sure you started with a transparent background. I do believe that is all there is to it.


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