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    Hi all,

    Was just wondering what everyone does with their finished albums. I have finally published an album ( that was so big it was split into 5 smaller ones) and am about to send it off to have it all printed. Should you delete it out of SBM to make room for new projects/albums. My SBM programme seems to be running quite slow and I'm always running out of virtual memory. I assume that by clearing out those albums it would speed everything up again. I'm just nervous about deleting them because then I can't change anything again. I've backed the files up as jpegs and burnt them to cd's etc.

    I'm just wondering what sort of system others use when they reach this point! Is it possible to leave the files in SBM so you can still manipulate them later, or is it better just to move on and move them out!


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    Hi Kath...

    I would suggest making a folder in "My Documents", and copying all the albums there. You should also copy them to a cd for keepsake, because believe me, the minute you delete them, you will need something from them. This way, they are not taking up space or memory, and are always available with a click of the mouse.

    Hope this helps.


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      I bought an external hard drive to store ALL my scraps. When I am finished using an album, I go into [My Documents, Scrapbook Max, Projects] and move the entire project over to a "Finished Projects" Folder for storage. If I ever want to work on the project, I can reverse the process.


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        What I do is Prent, save to external hard drive And put on a external hard drive.and send a copy to all my kids. over kill but it is worth it to fill safe.
        Then I deleate it from max.

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