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    Hi, I've had my SBM for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it, but I'm having a bit of trouble.When I do some journalling and then try to turn it on an angle the letters go all wonky. Am I doing something wrong or is there a trick to it? I would appreciate some advice. Besides this little hiccup I think this is the best scrapbook program I've ever used. I have been glued to my computer, my hubby calls it my boyfriend and complains about my lack of attention for him. LOL.

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    Hi. Poor hubby. What exactly do you mean by wonky? Grainy? Which font(s) does it do that for?
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      Have you tried publishing your scrapbook pages? When designing your pages, some things may not look as crisp as they will once you publish your layout in its final form. It's due to zooming, and there is a fantastic explanation of it in Chapter 2 of the User's Guide.

      You can read it here:

      Scrapbook MAX! allows you to zoom in and out when you're looking at a page. This is important, because the pages in Scrapbook MAX! are usually too big to see on your computer screen all at once—unless you zoom out.

      This is because your Scrapbook MAX! pages are created at a high resolution that is suitable both for viewing on a computer and for printing. In order to print at high quality, you actually need to work with images that are very big—even bigger than the size of your computer screen. (The bigger the page, the better the quality will be when you print it.)

      Without zooming, you wouldn't be able to see the whole page at once; you'd only see a portion of it and would have to scroll around.

      Thankfully, Scrapbook MAX! allows you to see as much or as little of the page as you want, by letting you zoom in or out.

      Zooming out makes everything look smaller, and zooming in makes everything look bigger.

      Zoom Levels
      There are actually many "levels" of zooming. The zoom level is usually expressed as a percentage, with 100% being "completely unzoomed" and 50% being "zoomed out so that everything is half size."

      You can see the current zoom level on the status bar at the bottom of the Scrapbook MAX! program window.

      The current zoom level is displayed on the status bar

      By default, the zoom level is set to "Fit All," which means that it will adjust automatically to fit the whole page on your screen.

      You can change the zoom level at any time to something specific by choosing View > Zoom In, View > Zoom Out, or View > Zoom Level from the menu.

      There's even a faster way to change the zoom level, too: just click on the zoom level in the status bar. Clicking on the zoom level there will bring up a list of all the zoom levels (including "Fit All") for you to select from.

      To change the zoom level, just click on it in the status bar...
      ...and then choose a zoom level from the list...

      Note: 100% zoom means that you are seeing the page at its actual size. Most scrapbook pages are too large to fit on your computer screen at 100% zoom, so scrollbars will appear.

      Why Zooming Out Makes Things Look Worse
      When you're zoomed out (as is usually the case), your pages may not appear quite as "crisp" on the screen, and small details and text may appear to be a bit muddled. In fact, as you zoom out, everything looks just a little bit worse.

      Don't worry—this is perfectly normal. And it won't affect the quality of your printed pages, or your slideshows, or any other output format that you publish to. In fact, when you publish your scrapbook, everything will look just as good as it looks when the zoom level is set to 100%.

      (Publishing is the process of turning your scrapbook "blueprint" into something that you can share. It's covered in Chapter 6.)

      So why does zooming out make things look worse?

      It mostly has to do with pixels—the little colored dots that computer images are made of. Zooming out makes things look worse because the computer has to approximate lots of pixels with a lot less pixels. As it scales things down in size, the computer needs to make decisions about which pixels to show, and which pixels to toss aside. And it needs to do it very quickly. In fact, it's the rushed nature of this process that leads to a few "shortcuts" which can make things look not quite the same.

      The good news is that, no matter how things look at the various zoom levels, in the end your pages will still look as good as they do at 100% zoom.

      So don't be alarmed—even if you leave your pages zoomed out all the time, they will look crisp and high-resolution when you publish or print them.
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        Thanks for your replies. It seems to happen with most fonts I've tried, But I will try using the zoom and see if that makes it look OK. I haven't printed a page with the journalling turned on an angle as I thought it wouldn't look right, so I'll print one out now. I new it had to be something simple but couldn't figure it out for myself. Thankyou.


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          Hi, I tried zooming in and the text looked fine when I turned it on an angle and then I printed out my project and Success !!!! It came out fine. Now I know this is the best software for me and well worth the investment.Thanks again for your help.


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            Ahhh, good news! Thanks for the kind words.
            Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy digital scrapbooking software for Windows. Download a free trial version at .


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              Hi Carol - glad you got the journaling question sorted out. SBM projects do look beautiful when they are published and viewed at their actual size!

              Keep on scrappin'