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Rookie question on scrapbook layout

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  • Rookie question on scrapbook layout

    Hello, All! We took a fantastic cruise last year, and it is important to me that my first-ever scrapbook turns out well. My concern is this: Which makes for a more interesting and attractive scrapbook -- random layouts that are individual to the page, or a themed book of matching layouts on every page? Does consistent use of backgrounds, colors and embellishments throughout a book work better than matching colors and embellishments to the subject on each page? In my case, page 1 is of the ship and our cabin, page 8 is about glaciers, page 13 may be about sled dogs, etc. Imho, I currently have 9 attractive pages, but no two pages are even remotely similar. The number and size of photos also varies from page to page. I cannot imagine colors or a theme that will work for all the various subjects I have to cover. Am I going to end up with a mish-mashed mess? Any opinion or suggestion you care to offer will be greatly appreciated.

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    Well not that my opinion is the right one but here it is! I think you should do whatever apeals to you!! If you like a color theme then do that... if you like every page to match the subject... do that! You can even do a bit of both!! It is your scrapbook so have fun and do what you like!!!

    I have some books that are 'themed' and MANY that are just random. My son's book is a mix of both! I took a picture of him every month for the first year and those pictures are on themed pages. The rest in his book are whatever fits the picture!

    Hope that helps!
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      As Tina said, do whatever you think appeals to you. I had a similar project for a 60th birthday party using photos from various sources. I ended up doing several themes, each with several pages.

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        Very impressive Steve
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          My opinion is the same as well...I think it is up to you and what you like your pages to look like since everyone has their own style...
          Steve, very nice...
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            I'm the same. its what I like at the time that counts. All taste are different.

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              I try to coordinate the colors but don't worry about the layouts being similar when I do a single theme. For my grandson's book, I have nothing similar and it still works. Do what you think looks best.


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                Travel album.

                We recently travelled to the UK and i have since done an album up of our photos. Have had some really good comments about it. I like you wasn't sure how to do it so just went ahead and did what look I liked. Many were similar in look and others different.some examples below.I did this as 8x10 as I had an album to use.
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                  ghoward, great album! I agree with everyone else. It is what ever appeals to you and what looks best with the pictures you are using. If I can make a pages that are side by side match,I do that, but they don't generally match all the other pages. But all themed pages are great too. I just go by the pictures and what works with them.


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                    It looks like you had a very nice trip, and now have a beautiful memory album. Keep scrapping!