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  • Font query

    Hello - Im new here and new to Scrapping - so get ready for LOADS of questions!

    Here goes with the first one - i really like the effect of stitching on LO's and ive been looking for a font that looks like the letters have been stitched in a 'running stitch' - but its like looking for a 'needle in a haystack'
    I have 'Home Sweet Home' which is like 'cross stitch' but i find the x's are only clear at a certain size which doesnt suit every LO.
    Anyone know where i can find what im looking for - the font doesnt have to be a free one but i cant pay a lot
    Thanks for looking

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    "You're sew special" might be what you are looking for and it only costs $1. Try googling "running stitch fonts" to find more. That is what I did to find this one.


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      Thank you sooo much - just what need but bought 11 more as well - got 3 more free! So now Ive got 15 more fonts to play with - all for $12 dollars - i dont even know how many 's that is (have to wait for the bill!) but i dont care!!
      Thanks for the link and for taking the time to google for me - didnt really know what to google for -some fonts have weird names which dont decribe them at all !!

      You are very kind


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        Oh, blasted... I just spent $25 there, how could I have missed this one?


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          I'm curious why you want a font rather than just purchasing some digital stitches?
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