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  • Hi Everyone

    Wow, things have been so busy! I love married life but we stay way too busy with work, home, kids, and everything else. John and I stay on the go!

    The best news is that I was able to arrange to bring my daughter and grandchildren here for Christmas. As you all know, my son-in-law is back in Iraq for his 3rd tour. Right now, I have Dean there, two of my nephews and my step daughters husband! Our family is well represented in Iraq but I wish they were home! Also, my son Josh is graduating in June and may enlist into the Air Force. Right now we are assisting him with the research, before it's time to decide.

    I do hope to start posting more soon! I miss you all!

    Luv Ya

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    we miss you too and good luck with all aswell prayers for your people in iraq to be safe
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      how nice it will be to have your grandkids at christmas, I know how it feels to have loved ones over there, my hubby is serving over there at the moment (again)

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        Onie!!!! Miss you sooo much! It has not been as busy in here for quite some time-and I am starting to miss some of my peeps!! Good to hear from you.

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          Hi Onie... Nice to have you back. We miss you a lot!


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            Nice to see you around Onie
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              Glad you are back. yes married life can be demanding. I am glad you are having the doughtier an grandchildren for Christmas .
              I have 1 grandson in the service and another one just enlisted to go as soon as school is out. I will miss him.As i di the other one.

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                Hello Onie, so nice of you to take time away from your busy life and let us know that you are okay and living happily ever after!!! Sure have missed ya around here! Lets go with those layouts!!! We got lots to see!

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                  I would like to say a huge thank-you to all the families that have members serving in Iraq. So many times the focus is on the soldiers and the dangers they face everyday. Not enough focus is given to the families of these soldiers. You are also making big sacrifices for us. Please know as a citizen of the USA, I am very grateful.

                  Check in from time to time, Onie. You are missed.