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    How do I add more then one picture to my signature in my cp user section. When I try and upload one it takes out the one that was there instead of adding it.

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    could try putting all 3 together into one image before uploading

    hopefully someone else might have a better suggestion

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      Good Marion question, I also, did not obtain to place mine blinkies, only accepted it exactly 1!


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        Ohhh Marion, I thought you knew everything....hahaha
        What I do...take it over to photobucket, make it smaller, than copy the image code, come back here to user CP and paste in my signiture... I leave one space in between each, and WALA, if you have another photo hosting site, you probably can so the same thing there... thats the only way I know how to do it.

        Make sure you copy the image code and not the http code, theres a difference and it wont work with the http.

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