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  • Using Templates?

    I have seen a number of downloadable templates, and have snagged them. When I try to use them none of them work. What is the magic word to get these puppies usable?
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    Do you mean templates or quick pages?

    To use quickpages just add them to your page as an embellishment. If they are saved as png files they will have transparent openings and you can put your pictures behind them. If they are jpg files you have to add the pictures on top. (In that case you can use them as a background, but I like to be able to alter or move things.) You cannot alter the quickpage with scrapbook Max, except the size.

    Sometimes I use the quickpages that have only one picture opening as frames and add stuff around them. Or I might add another picture in an open area. (I usually have too many pictures to "waste" a whole page on one picture. LOL) Or I might take an 8.5X11 quickpage from Princess Crafts and only use a square part of the quickpage.

    Using templates is different. If you add each png file as a separate layer, then I believe you can double click on them and use properties to change to a photo or paper. You can also alter the size and make other changes to each piece, or arrange them a little differently that in the picture that usually comes with them. You can't use Photoshop templates in Scrapbook Max directly.

    Hope that helps.