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  • How do I?

    Or maybe the question should be can I.

    I have seen layouts where it looks like a picture from a photo, usually a person, is cut out. Is that being done in SBM? If so, how?

    Also, when I have an element page that has mulitple images on it like a page full of different buttons, how do I use just one of them? I think it must be the same thing as "cutting out a person/object" like I asked about above.

    Any assistance you can offer is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    when you have a page full of elements, the easiest thing to do is "Crop" them...cut out the one you want. I'm not sure about the photo's though

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      yep use the crop tool to get the button you want. For the out of bounds or cut out photos they will have been done in a different program. When I have done mine I've used Paint Shop Pro.
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        I tried out to bounds and its very hard and can not be done with sbm. but thank of all the background you louse doing it. if you do you may wont to save the original also. I love looking at old photos and saying "remember when we had those".

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          Thanks. Although I have been digital scrapbooking for a bit now, I only use this program and another more basic program. I have Photoshop Elements too. Maybe one day I will take the time to learn how to use that too!


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            Hi Amy... yes, you do need another program to cut out stuff and Photoshop Element you have WILL do it! It will take some time to learn, but I can guarentee that if you have the desire to do it, YOU WILL.... That was one of the 1st things I wanted to learn after I got the whole scrapbooking thing down... Once you have time...give your PSE a try and you'll be amazed how fast things will start coming together...and if you need any help....just ask me! I'd be more than happy to help ya!

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              Crops is right. You do need another program to cut someone out of the photo and your photoshop elements program is perfect for that. As far as having a page full of say buttons-you bring it in to sbm and than you crop it down to the one button you want. There are tons of tutorials online that will teach you how to crop people out of photos in elements, and like crops-there are peeps who will try to help you anytime you need it. Hope this helps.

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                Thanks crops and pk. I am getting ready to move the middle of January 2008 and with the holidays fast approaching, I'm gonna put learning PSE on my list of things to do earlier this year. I'm sure I'll be back here asking the PSE experts questions! Thanks again for answering my post.