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  • Please Help (move scrap page)


    I have made 15 pages and i would like to move them all together
    EG: page 1 page 2 etc

    Can anyone help ????????


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    Hi Linda ( I posted this reply in the other thread where you asked this question, too - so if it sounds familiar, it is!)

    Good question. What you can do is make each of these pages a template.

    1. Open up your page, and choose File > Export Template.

    2. A box will come up asking you for some details. Fill it out however you'd like, but since you want to keep the photos MAKE SURE THAT YOU UNCHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS "REMOVE PHOTOS".

    3. When you've filled out the box, choose OK. Your template is automatically added to Scrapbook MAX.

    4. Do this for all the pages you want to "merge" into a single book

    5. Now, you're ready to make a single scrapbook. Open the project that you want to be your first page. Then, choose Add Page (either in the menu or in the toolbar - the icon of the piece of paper with the green + sign...). Scroll through your page options - all the pages that you've made into a template will be there! Add them to your project in order (or, you can always change the order by choosing Page > Organize)

    6. Voila - you've put 15 or (100!) pages into a single book!

    For your information, I've heard that the developers are working on a way to make this even easier, so keep checking in...but for now, this should work.

    Good luck!