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I received my CD. Now what?

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  • I received my CD. Now what?

    I need some help, please.

    I downloaded the trial version and LOVED it, so I bought the program. I downloaded the online version so that I could play some more.

    Now my program CD has arrived, and I can't find where I saw the directions as to what to do next! Can any of you help?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Here are the installation instructions from our User's Guide (you can read the whole guide online at or in Scrapbook MAX! under Help> Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide):

    Installing Scrapbook MAX!
    Tip: If you are installing the downloadable version of Scrapbook MAX!, follow the installation instructions found in your download instructions email.

    Step 1: Insert CD-ROM
    Insert your Scrapbook MAX! CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive. The autorun menu will run automatically.

    Step 2: Install Scrapbook MAX! and Content Pack
    Choose 'Install Scrapbook MAX! & Content Pack' on the autorun menu. When the Scrapbook MAX! install wizard appears, read each screen, clicking 'Next' to continue.

    It is important to accept the default setup options you should only change this information if you have a specific reason to do so.

    At the end of the Scrapbook MAX! install wizard, click the 'Continue' button to install the Scrapbook MAX! Content Pack. This will add tons of fantastic themed templates and elements to use in your scrapbooks.

    By default, Scrapbook MAX! will run automatically when you click 'Finish' at the very end. (If you don't want to work with Scrapbook MAX! right away, deselect this option before clicking Finish.)

    Step 3: Run Scrapbook MAX!
    Once installed, you can run Scrapbook MAX! at any time by either double-clicking on the Scrapbook MAX! icon that appears on your desktop, or by choosing Programs > Scrapbook MAX! from your Start menu.


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      Thank you!

      Thank you! I am going to do that right now.