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  • Newer than a newbie!

    Hi, All! I am pretty new to digital scrapbooking, but a hands on scrapbooker for more than ten years. I'm trying the trial version of Scrapbook Max. So far, quite pleased! My newbie question is: in the trial version, where would I find 'frames' for my photos? Thanks and happy be aboard...

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    Although I'm relatively new to the program as well, if you go to your paper scraps and choose the paper you want, then under "options" you choose "custom shape" then "change shape" you can pick the frame that you want behind you picture. I know you'll love the program and everyone here. I'm really learning alot from reading everyone's threads! Hope this helps! and happy scrapping!

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      hi welcome to site

      if it's not where in the max program you want to find frames but you mean freebie frames on site just go to the embellishment section here in the forum, on the right hand top corner is a searcvh button, click that go into advance type in frames in the top left hand box then search now butoon and a huge list of threads will come up with frame freebies....happy scrapping!

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        Thanks for the help, Girls. I did use the 'paper scraps' as suggested for a background. Came out very cute!

        In the case of downloading a 'freebee', I have put the zipped file on my desktop. I unzip it, and it opens to a new folder on my desktop.

        Do you move this new folder to another folder somewhere in the application? Or, how do you handle d/l's in such as way as they are organized and not splattered all over the desktop?

        I'm loving this s/w so far and the help is so appreciated! I already ordered the CD!!

        Thanks for any advice you can give!


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          I will try to help you!

          You can put your new folders into the SBM file and be able to use them from there.

          Go to Programs
          Then put into Elements, Backgrounds, Shapes, or Scraps folder.

          Most of us have created customized files and have them inside these folders. Example: File named Christmas, Bows, Borders, Cats, Dogs, Trains, etc etc. One thing that has been sticky is copy rights and giving credit. Since your just starting, you have to benefit of our experiences. If I had it to do over again, I would add folders inside the Topics (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Dogs etc.) THose folders, I would name for the creater of the goodies (Eye, Granny, Sacannon, Angelwithin) so that you will know who gave you what and you would be able to give them credit.

          I hope I didn't get you confused!

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            Actually, Onie, that makes perfect sense! My OS is MS Vista, so it took me a minute or two to find the files. But I did, and I understand completely what you said. Once in the folders, the images will appear within the Scrapbook Max program, right?

            Thanks so much for your clarification...