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  • Need help with printing setup

    So, I just finished my first album - a collection of photos from my recent trip to China to adopt my daughter! I want to print the books as gifts for family members for Xmas.

    I'm getting ready to upload the published jpgs to Shutterfly. They say to make sure the photos are RGB jpegs (are they?) and at 300 dpi. I designed everything in 200 dpi. If I just resize each page to 300 dpi and let the software adjust, will that be okay?


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    When you publish the images, the photo will be in JPG format. They are stored in My Documents/ScrapbookMax/Published Files. I will let someone else comment on the DPI, but I think if you pick the highest setting, the DPI should be fine for printing.

    I use the SBM printing services and never had a problem with size or DPI.

    Congratulations on your new daughter. Please share a layout so we can get to meet her. I know a few people who adopted from China and they continue to educate the children in the Chinese culture.
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      Change to 300 dpi

      The page default and many templates come with 200 dpi. To change you just go to settings for the page and change the 200 to 300. The key is that you say yes when the program asks you about adjusting the elements on the page. I have never had any trouble if I did that.

      However, I have learned that if I want to change the page size, ie. 8 inches to 8.5 inches, I do that in a separate change than the 300 dpi. It seemed to take too much memory on my computer to do both changes at once. I do most of my scrapbooks in 8.5 X 8.5 inches so I only have to cut the paper once. (K&Company makes many adorable scrapbooks in that size.)

      You have to do the settings change for each page before you publish them, or else they come out a different size file. I found that when I published my last book. I imported a couple of pages and forgot to change the dpi.