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  • mh51~PSP Masks...

    ... I've downloaded some zipped psp masks from the web... now what do I do with them.

    I don't have Photoshop on my PC and when I unzip them they won't open with anything.

    Can anyone help me PLEASSSSSSSSSSE...

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    Try changing the extension from .pspmask to .png. They should work then in our program.


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      mary in psp you can batch process to change file extentions

      go file > batch > process > browse and find where you have stored the files >highlight all the files you want the file extentioned change on > select >in Options change to what extention you want the files to be ie png/jpeg etc > click check save mode to 'new type' > in bottom browse button select where you want the new files stored > click start and psp will do the lot at once

      no im not gonna say this again lol

      ps i save my masks as jpegs

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        If you save as jpg do they still work..... are they transparent...???


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          OK... changed ext. to png & still won't open in PhotoImpact 12. It says 'invalid parameter'...???


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            Originally posted by mh51 View Post
            If you save as jpg do they still work..... are they transparent...???
            jpg or png should work with masks..but if they are complicated masks other than an alpha won't be able to get them to work without the program PSP..Which sounds like you don't have the program..Hum..We could convert them for you from our programs to jpg or png format..Then you could probably use them in photoimpact I would think..At least you could use them in SBM..


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              Thanks Fiona... looked at the webpage again & am able to download as jpgs...
              Thank You for your time.