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How do you come up with ideas to design kits and such?

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  • How do you come up with ideas to design kits and such?

    Hello all,

    I've not been scrapping long, but I'm truly bitten by the bug. I see many wonderful kits and embellishments that others have created and was wondering how on earth you go about designing such things?

    The programs that I have to work with are CorelDraw 11.0, Photoshop Elements 6.0, and ScrapbookMax. Any push that somebody can give me to head off in the right direction will be greatly appreciated. I have a lot of creativity, but don't have a clue where to start.

    Many thanks for everyone's work! I appreciate it all.
    Lori in Tennessee
    Scrappin' since November 2007

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    PSE 6.0 and SBM would definitely be invaluble tools for creating digital scrapbooking kits and SBM templates..... First of all, I would say, know your software and make sure that whatever you are sharing (or selling) is YOURS to share or sell.... there are lots of places where you can buy commercial use products (Photoshop actions, element & paper templates, etc.) that you can use to create your kits..... then you can take the kits you've developed and turn them into SBM templates....
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      Hi Lori....

      We get our ideas from users. They tell us what they want, and we create. Also, there is a wealth of tutorials out there for PSP.

      Looking forward to seeing your creations!


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        it's a trade secret i can tell you but we'll have to kill you afterwards lol

        i get my ideas from everywhere and everything, it could be a colour combination that i see that looks good or just one graphic - ie sometimes i'll make say a flower and that becomes the focus for a whole batch of embellishments.... sometimes it's a layout someone has done.....sometimes it's from requests....but more often than not it has nothing to do with scrapbooking at all ...many of my ideas have come from cards

        as grannyscraps says learn your graphics programme ..i use psp 9 and love it...after 4 years i'm still finding new things in it!!!

        whatever you do most importantly have fun

        fiona x

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          Thank you!

          Thank you, kind ladies! I'm definately looking at everyday things from a different angle now that I've received the PSE 6... I was just putting some fabric in the washer today to begin making a quilt with it and thought "What a lovely background for a mardi gras/party layout!" It's a colorful paisley print on a black background. *giggle*

          I've been artistic all my life, and am really looking forward to putting things together for others to use. I'm going to have sooo much fun with this! I'd like to create as much material as I can personally, avoiding the whole "who owns the rights to it?" question. I just wasn't sure where to get started. My first attempt will probably be based on photos that I've taken of the Smokey Mountains, where I live. I'm already picturing my favorite shot as a muted, watercolored background....

          I'll look into the tutorials and such for PSE. I just got two copies of it for Christmas - my husband got me 6, his daughter found 5 - yeah, they both noticed the scrapbooking bug has bitten me pretty hard. I'd already opened, installed, and registered 6 when we had Christmas with his daughter, so I'll return 5 to the store and get a textbook for 6 and for CorelDraw with the credit, so the spirit that she gifted the program in is still the same.

          I'll also start researching into what is available for use and what isn't. For example - the fabric that I have, can I use it as a background, or do I need to get permission from the manufacturer? Fonts distributed freely on the web that have no restrictions listed, are they fair game? I know that anything I personally create is mine to do with as I please, which is where CorelDraw comes in quite handy, and anything that I purchase with a commercial license that specifies for redistribution is too, but some of the other items out there are kind of grey. *sigh* I'll figure it out...

          Thanks again for your replies and suggestions. They're all quite helpful, and I'd never considered the legal aspects of putting togther a kit, just the fun aspects of it. Still, I know it's generally a good idea to stay out of trouble, especially when having fun.
          Lori in Tennessee
          Scrappin' since November 2007

          Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.

          My Buddy is Ryansmom66.


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            Watch out Lori... the scraping bug bites hard... but the designing but bites even HARDER!!!!! lol. Once you start it is hard to stop!!!! as to your question regarding fabric and font copyrights.... it is a VERY MUCKY GRAY AREA!!!! lol We have found out that fonts can not be copyrighted. HOWEVER, it is nice to respect the fact that someone spent a great deal of time making that font! It is generally considered fine to make word art or transform a font into an 'alphabet' kit, but I still like to list the name of the font used so people know it wasn't originaly mine. Fabric and ribbon is a whole other kettle of fish..... to my understanding - yes... it is copyrighted.... many people will scan it in and use it anyway because who is really going to come after you for it? personally though I prefer to make all my own designs so that I don't have to deal with copyright. So if I see a fabric pattern I like that inspires me I will take the colors and the general pattern idea and start creating papers for a new kit! Also if I do ever scan something in to use, like a ribbon, I try to do something to it to make it unique to me. Like change the color of the ribbon or add some texture or pattern to it. That way I have used the 'copyrighted' item as a base board and created something new out of it... instead of just riping off their stuff and selling it as mine.....

            Hope that helps a bit!! Have fun designing!!
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              Great tips for all newbies!

              Thanks girls for all the wonderful tips. It has really helped me and I know that all other newbies will be helped as well.


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