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  • Another new user question

    So sorry... I am trying to figure out stuff on my own but I need some help here and there.

    When I purchased SBM software I thought that it said that I would be able to use digital templates from other sites. Maybe I misread that. I tried to download some freebies from two peas in a bucket, but was unable to open them in the SBM templates. Is there a list of sites that work with SBM? Thanks again!!

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    Hi terry

    you can use quick page templates in max....just open as an embellishment and plop you photos on (or under)

    hope that helps
    fiona x

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      Hi Terry,

      Further to what Fiona said - "templates" in Scrapbook MAX! are special files (with the extension .smt) designed to be fully-editable. A number are included in Scrapbook MAX! aready, and you can purchase Templates in our Booster Pack Store, and download free templates from our sharing corner. If they have the file extension .smt, they are fully editable (i.e., you can alter the elements on the page any way you want).

      You are right that you can easily import individual elements and even pages from other sites for use in Scrapbook MAX! (see this thread in our FAQ for more info); however, these are going to be image files (like .jpgs or .pngs) and not Templates (.smt files). You cannot alter the individual features of a .jpg or .png image.

      Our "overview video" tutorial contains a segment on dragging and dropping elements into the Scrapbook MAX! design space if you are interested:

      Hope that makes sense!

      Feel free to stop by with more questions!

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        Thank you Fiona and Karin, I understand it much better now.


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          on that line

          Ok that is similar to a question that I was going to ask. When I download QP from other places and place them under "templates" I can't seem to find them when I "add a page". What am I missing? or do I need to put them in the embies file? Thank you so much for the help!

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