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  • Help figuring out these computers

    Ok, so I thought I was getting pretty slick figuring out where things were placed in the files... But when you click "add a page" and the "pick a theme" selection comes up, where in the files is this located? I have gone through backgrounds, templets etc. Somehow I have gotten double copies of a lot of the themes and it takes quite a while to scroll through them. I was hoping to erase the duplicates, but can't seem to find them

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    once in the section 'select a theme' you can right click on any doubles and delete them

    the templates that are in the 'open a saved scrapbook' are in my documents > scrapbook max > templates

    you can move the smt & images files to another file on your pc or to and external drive ...when you want to use them again just click on the smt file and it will re-install to scrapbook max

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      oh, there they are! That's great! Although for some reason in the My Documents files it doesn't show the doubles and when I right click on the double in the "select a theme" it highlights it but won't give me the pop up menu to select delete from. Oh well, I'll keep trying! I'm so glad to have you all that know what you're doing! Thanks a bunch

      My buddies are OnieRN, Winnie49, Granny