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  • Newbie question - organization

    I love Scrapbook Max and all of the designers for digital scrapbooking. Everything has such great detail.

    My problem is I have only been doing this for a very short time and I already have a mess. How do you organize your papers/backgrounds and embellishments etc in such a way you can scrap easily and quickly but not lose track of where it originated from? I think I would like all papers together and all embellishments together but then I wouldn't have things grouped by set or designer.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Here is what I do . . . .

    I have a folder under my documents named scrapbook max items, then I created another folder for each item i.e., paper, embellishments, etc. Then within each of those folders I created yet another folder named for specific creators. That way I know who to thank when I use that creation!

    Hope it helps.

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      i keep all my files on my external drivein a file marked scrapbook max with sub files marked designers - with sub files with the designer's name (to help when giving credits)

      so my files go scrapbook max files > designers > designer's name > kits

      i tend to keep the kits together as they are but you can sub file anyway you like ie papers, embellishments, frames, templates etc but i would recommend you then have sub files with the designer's name on it so that you know who made what as it's polite to credit the designer

      hope that helps
      love fiona xx

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        I do basically the same thing that Fiona does. My external hardrive is set up with folders marked as 'Downloadsfrom........'. Under there is a folder from each person and then their kits. If it is from a blog, the sub folders are just the kit names.
        Try to keep everything out of the program areas for embellishments etc. as this puts the computer on overload.
        Even have my templates on the external harddrive with the .jpg of each so I can move it back to the my documents areas if I want to use it. That's a faster view than opening up Scrapbook Max to find them.

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          Sounds like what I thought complicated ---with so many different folders for each designer and each kit. If the items added to a LO kept the filenames in some way <maybe thru properties> or something after you add the item to a LO then it would be easy to know where it came from since everyone is so good about naming them with the same format of designer initials, kit etc. Then you could have a paper folder for all papers, a folder for all embellishments, etc or break down from root by colors, theme, or season, etc. I have a hard time finding what I want with so many different folders to look thru especially if I want to give credit to original designer/kit. Maybe when I get more familiar or experienced it will be easier. And I am not being critical <I LOVE THIS PROGRAM> just looking for a way to find my stuff easier so I can concentrate on the fun.
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            Good luck in finding some easy way to keep track. There has been so many ways presented here and on other sites. Haven't yet to see anything that is easy and not much work.

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              Just a thought, you could rename each file after you've downloaded it with the designers name. Then you would still be free to put them into the seperate folders for color, paper, season, etc...?

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                Just a thought and suggestion..I have heard so many ways to try and keep track..And as a designer, I too, download people's freebies..<wink> I have a folder in my documents titled Designers, inside that folder is folders labeled for each designer...For each designer I have folders labled Red, Blue, Green, etc...I then organize all their stuff in colors...This way if I am doing a Lo in browns, I can click on their folders that are labled brown and still know who made the stuff..Hope this helps..
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                  Michelle, that is a great idea. I've been trying the folders for each designer way but have to search everything for what I'm looking for. The colors would be a big help!

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