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Help! Trial Version Shortcut not working....

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  • Help! Trial Version Shortcut not working....

    If anyone can help, please respond.

    I was able to open up the Trial Version from my desktop last night, but this morning I'm not. The error message I'm receiving is:

    c:\program files\Scrapbook Max Trial\Scrapbook Max!.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

    It was working fine last night and even started an album. Do I have to reinstall the trial version? Am I going to lose all the work I've done? What do I do?

    Thanks a bunch!


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    Short answer: try uninstalling the trial and then reinstalling it. If it still doesn't work, you may have a hardware issue on your computer.

    Uninstalling won't remove any of the projects you've made, so you don't have to worry about losing any of the work you've done. (Unless you're having general computer problems, in which case I'd recommend backing up your project files onto a CD or something so you don't lose any of the work you've done.)

    Long answer: it sounds like the trial installation has become corrupted somehow. There are a number of ways this could happen, but it's usually a bad sign. It's possible that your computer is infected with a virus (many viruses are known to corrupt files). It could also be a hardware problem -- for example, data corruption can indicate anything from a failing hard drive, bad memory chips, a weak power supply, fluctuating power from the wall plug...

    Sometimes this is just a random thing (cosmic rays zipped through your computer or something) and reinstalling the software will take care of it. If it reoccurs, though, you may want to have your system tested by a qualified technician.
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