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Can you move pages between albums?

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  • Can you move pages between albums?

    Hi I just downloaded SBM this weekend and have created a few pages but I didn't think about how I would organized them so now I want to move some of them out of one album into another. Example: have a page in my 2007 album but have the same layout also in my son's album. If it is possible, how would I do it? Thanks in advance.

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    May have crossed wires here but try this...

    Open the project you want to bring the LO into...

    On menu bar select Page / Import

    You'll now see all your projects down left-hand side with corresponding pages within that project on the right.

    Is that what you're asking...???


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      Thanks for this infomation. Hadn't used this before. Very handy to Know.


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        Just a Note to All Newbies....

        This is reguarding features.

        In this case, your really in luck! Yes, Mary gave you the directions on how to do it, but guess what???? That was an item that was on our wish list for awhile. I really love that feature and so happy that SBM incorporated it into their updates last year!

        Just remember, if there is a feature that doesn't appear to be available, just ask. It may be available or may become available in time. Desmond and the staff at SBM really do listen to our requests....... if at all possible, they really do try.
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          Thanks! That is what I was trying to do.