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Enlarging your photos with SBM

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  • Enlarging your photos with SBM

    I have tried to resize photos in scrapook max using my mouse and the "points" around the photo to enlarge the photo. Sometimes I feel it is hit or miss as to whether I am distorting the person face in the photo!!

    Do you enlarge the photo prior to bringing it over to the program or is their a function that I am not seeing where I can choose the size (5x7 is what I'm most interested in but I have so many 4x6 photos). Thanks (once again) for any help.

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    Hi Terry... SBM is not a photo editing program, so it's better to resize the pictures in another program first. Also, is better to downsize than to enlarge. You always loose resolution (sharpness) when enlarging. Take the pictures or scan them at large resolutions to make them big, then downsize to the size you need.

    To keep the photos from getting distorted, always click and drag the points on the corners of the image.

    And don't worry about my lousy help, one of the gurus will be by soon to help you.


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      When you are working with pictures, if you want to keep a picture scaled both way you can right click on it and make sure keep aspect is checked if you want to enlarge just one way make sure keep aspect is unchecked. Hope this is what you were looking for. Mary


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        Thanks! I had unchecked keep aspect, so I know not to do that now, and also I think it's a great point to scan them large, didn't think of that. I appreciate the help.


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          I have never had any problems with stretching them bigger. I have them developed and have been so pleased.
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