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  • Newbie printing questions

    I just created my first LO and printed it in 8x8...the colors were wrong and the color actually changed a few inches into the printing (went from the wrong shade of green to a yellowish color).

    Do I need to print on photo paper? I printed on white scrapbook cardstock.

    None of my ink cartridges are low (Canon i860) there something I have to specify in the printing screen that I might be missing? I clicked high print quality but is there something else?

    I never could get photos to print properly so even though my printer is supposed to print photos maybe it can't.

    Any suggestions?

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    Maybe you might have to call Canon! I've never had a problem printing any of my layouts from the software before and I have never had the colours change either.

    Sounds like it might be a fault with your printer? Especially if you said you've not been able to print photo's and it's meant to be able to.

    I just checked on a website if it was a photo printer or not, and it is. So it definately sounds a bit sus. Like I said before, give Canon a call, they maybe able to help you more.
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      I agree....sounds like a printer issue. I have printed a few 8x8's with absolutely no issues.
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        I agree

        I had to call the manufacturer on my BROTHER because things were not set up correctly for my printing. I have also printed on card stock but found the photo paper looks the best for what I wanted. I did not have to buy any special ink, just the paper. I went to GLOSSY paper but I understand many use Mate finish.
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          Are you *sure* your ink cartridges aren't low? What I mean is, some printer software attempts to 'guess' at the level of the cartridges (based on your printing habits), but it doesn't actually measure the ink levels.

          If they are full, it is possible that your printer heads need to be cleaned, or that one of your cartridges has dried out.

          Those are the only two things I can think of...aside from just a faulty printer in general.

          Good luck!


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            Yes, if your prints are coming out with the colors totally off, your printer is the problem. Usually it is an ink cartridge that has dried up or run out or "gummed" up and needs to be replaced or cleaned. Scrapbook MAX! is 100% compatible with all printers and your prints should look fantastic if your printer is up to the job!
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              None of the cartridges look low so I don't think that is the problem.

              I may have to try to find a number to call or email for Canon and see what suggestions they have.

              I really don't want to bring it in for repairs b/c who knows what I'd have to pay and the printer wasn't more than about $200.00 to buy a couple of yrs ago.

              If I can't figure this out I may have to shelve digital for now and try again maybe next yr b/c I don't want to buy a new printer yet. We'll see what happens.

              Thanks, ladies, for the help.



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                Color laser printers are down to $200 now, by next year they'll be paying us to take them home.
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                  Originally posted by Corey
                  Color laser printers are down to $200 now, by next year they'll be paying us to take them home.
                  Let me know when that happens, by then I will need a new one too!



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                    Originally posted by bcgal00
                    Thanks, ladies, for the help.
                    You're welcome.