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  • Photos and Custom Shapes

    Hi everyone!

    I'm currently trying out the demo right now. I want to add a photograph and use a custom shape, the heart in this case. By default, the custom shape sizes itself to the actual size of the photograph but I was wondering if I can resize and adjust the custom shape to where I want it to be on the photograph itself? I hope I'm explaining this good enough for everyone to understand what I mean!!

    If not, please let me know and I'll try to explain better.

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    The best way to do your picture "punching" with the shapes is to CROP your picture first before doing anything..Simply bring your picture in through pictures and when the window pops up for you JUST HIT OK..Then go to effects..CROP..The cropper has 6 nice little nodes on it to help crop the area you want to punch. It will only let you crop in square and rectangles..Most punches conform to the more square image..AND the shapes are best when they take up as much space as possible leaving little room for changing the shape..(That helps you to keep the boundaries close to the shape without overlapping with another) Then double click on the picture and it will bring the WINDOW back up..Then custom shape it..and see if it gets what you want.

    Changing the shape is not helpful unless you have lots of room to crop it..A good shape will be centered and take up as much of the space as possible.. Good luck..