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Need help with page size, dont understand

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  • Need help with page size, dont understand

    I am new to doing scrapbooking with computer. I would love to start doing it this way. I am very confused on how you print a 12x12. I know this program offers you to print a 12x12 page, but printers dont fit that big of paper. Does anyone know if there is a printer you can buy that would fit the paper you would use for the album. What are my options? If I cant print that size at home, then can someone tell about having someone print them for you. Do I make my pages, then burn it on a disk? What kind of disk, and where do you go for the printing. Please help me with as much info as possible. I am so excited to get started.

    thank You

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    Printing questions

    Yes they do sell printers that will print in 12x12 format. I have one. HP has one and so does Epson.
    But for lots of layouts I upload them and have them printed. I have used "scrapbooks to share" and they do a very nice job at it and it is probably more reasonable and cost effective then printing them at home.

    Hope this helps.



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      Hey, thanks for that info Marion!


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        8 x 8 albums

        If you don't have a large-format printer and want to print out your pages at home, they print beautifully in an 8 x 8 format on a standard printer. You can mount them on 12 x 12 paper and embellish it with tags, ribbons, etc. That is another option for you - it's what I've been doing as I slowly convert to digital which is the absolute coolest way to scrapbook!

        This way is just if you're in a hurry, etc., and only have a regular printer. Having them developed in a 12 x 12 would be great - I just haven't tried that yet as I'm starting to love the smaller 8 x 8 albums. They fit on shelves and aren't so heavy and bulky to look through.

        Hope everyone's ideas help you on your way! Have fun!


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          Other options to print 12x12

          I love doing 12x12's, and I don't have a color printer at all (yeah, I'm still in the dark ages). I've gotten samples from Scrapbooks 2 Share ( The samples were very good, and cost about $1.75 ea, plus $5 shipping per order (I think.) However, I'm very picky about my photos, and the photos on the page just aren't as good as ones I have developed at my local photo store.

          I just received samples today from an online photo developer ( Because these are actually photos, they are on photo paper (archival paper and ink). The photos on these pages are every bit as good as photos from my local photo store, especially the one on glossy paper. The cost is $2.50 ea, plus $2 shipping per order. The catch is this: I had to print on 11x14paper. So I designed my page at 11Hx12W, then had SBM change the size of my page to 11Hx14W, telling it not to change my layout to fit. It then simply extended the background to 2 inches wider. I sent it online to Fotki to print as an 11Hx14W. When I received it back, I just cut off the extra 2 inches from the side. I put it into my plastic protector, and I have an 11x12 page. Not quite 12x12, I know, but I can live without that extra inch of height.

          I'm waiting for samples from I did the same thing with them as I did with Fotki. Their cost is $3.47 ea, with $2 shipping per order. I see they also have 12x12 (they call them panorama prints) for $4.50 ea. I'm not sure it's worth an extra $2 per page to me to get that extra 1" height.

          I'm really excited about this! I can have all the flexiblity of digital scrapbooking, yet still get as high of quality photos on my pages as I've been using.


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            You can also print 11 1/5 x 8

            Something to think about! I print my own! I make my pages landscaped to 11 1/2 x 8. I have done some 8 x 11 1/5 but I prefer landscape. I have been a 12 x 12 paper scrapper for years. I used to sell Creative Memory and also later did D.O.T.S. When I first started here, 2 months ago, I was determined to do 12 x 12. I experimented, uploaded some etc. Finally a tried printing my own on 11 x 8 1/2 paper. My family even helped me figure out what was more cost effective. Printing your own is more cost effective! I spent $58 dollars on ink and paper. I haven't ran out of ink yet and have printed about 50 pages so far, with paper to spare. We figure that my pages are costing me about 65 cents a page. That is half of what Wal Mart charges to print an 8 x 10. I considered buying a printer to do 12 x 12 but it was way out of my budget. My Brother printer is doing a beautiful job!

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