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  • A note to first-timers

    There are a lot of people posting their "first attempts" lately- in other words, it's their first time showing off their work. For some, they seem a little nervous because, let's face it, layouts are creative and personal!

    I just wanted to say once again how much everyone here appreciates the sharing that goes on within this site. I am blown away by people's "first attempts". Part of it is that SBM is easy to use, yes. But everyone has their own creative touches and ideas. I have taken ("stolen"??) ideas from just about every layout I've seen. Maybe it's just a reminder of a great color scheme. Or maybe it's a new layering technique used on a page.

    Whatever it is, keep 'em comin', and please, don't be shy!!!

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    Marnie's right!

    "When things get you down, mambo!"
    - John Candy
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      Since I haven't a clue how to create useable templates or embellishments to share, I just love to CASE (copy and steal everything) everyone else's creations. Everyone - keep them coming. It's awesome.


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        Yes - thanks to everyone for sharing ideas and content - it's beautiful and inspiring for us all!

        For anyone who wants to learn how to make templates or embellishments or do other nifty SBM related things, do check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the forums. Visit it at:

        Among the other great step-by-step tutorials you'll find there, Corey has posted a video tutorial on how to make your own embellishments. Check it out at:

        I'm telling you, this community just keeps on givin'!



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          I could never had said it better! And yes please, keep it coming. That's how we all learn. And remember, ask and you will receive.


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            There are definitely a whole bunch of talented ladies hanging out here.... thanks to each of you for sharing your efforts..... I haven't seen one yet that I didn't like for one reason or another!!!
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              I know, I as a beginner, love to see what everyone comes up with